We to deliver chargers to Swedavia

Following a procurement process for charging posts, Swedavia has chosen to contract Rexel Sverige AB to supply chargers for electric cars

Under the terms of the contract, Swedavia will invest in 500 – 600 chargers from GARO over the next three years. The LS4 chargers, which were recently launched in the market, will be able to communicate through cloud services for payment solutions and operational monitoring.

Swedavia owns, operates and develops a network of ten Swedish airports, from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. An important focus for the company is sustainable development, with a reduction in its own environmental footprint.  

Rexel Sverige is one of the world’s largest electrical wholesale groups, with operations in 38 countries.

GARO has a strong position in the area of vehicle charging and has a complete range for quick charging, semi-fast charging and home charging, making GARO unique as a supplier. The build-out of charging infrastructure in Sweden is proceeding at an undiminished pace and is keeping up with the commercialization of chargeable vehicles and the decisions that are accelerating their expansion toward a fossil fuel-free vehicle fleet. In the autumn, GARO commenced, according to plan, its delivery of a new generation of semi-fast charger, the LS4, which received a positive response.

Kent Arvidsson at Swedavia comments: “As the number of electric vehicles grows, so too will the need for charging stations.  We currently have about 120 charging stations at Swedavia airports and our plan is to increase this number by 500-600 charging points by 2020. We are now making heavy investments and have chosen Rexel and GARO’s charging stations, which meet Swedavia’s requirements and the future EU standard.”     

Stefan Jonsson, CEO of GARO comments: “We are very pleased to have been entrusted to supply a new generation of chargers to Swedavia. We are convinced that the company’s leisure and business travelers will appreciate the extended service that is enabled by the considerable increase in charging stations at Swedavia’s airports.”