King Carl XVI Gustaf visited GARO

Happily, we were one of the companies HM Carl XVI Gustaf wanted to visit during his one-day visit to Jönköping.

The king and company showed up at the en of the day. GARO was the last company to be visited.

The king was shown around partly at the company, as time did not allow for a full tour. Our product exhibition and then on to departments with production of charging stations, meter cabinets, distribution boxes, stock and sockets central G-box. The latter comes among other things, to large centers that administer Facebook. The small G-box became quite exciting.

The carging stations, was of most interest. The King and the govenor of Jönköping Minoo Akhtarzand asked a lot of questions

The king turned on his walk through production large interest in the business - talked and joked a bit here and there, which of course was appreciated by us.

Finally, it became press conference and official termination of our exhibition and gift to the king. Our latest product - a home charger for electric vehicles was a very suitable gift.

Thank you for visiting us!


A picture cavalcade from the day

We took the opportunity to take our own pictures during the visit.
The photos of the event are free to use. Commercial use of the photos is not allowed.
Enter Photo: GARO AB