This year GARO got the Nothin plaque

Of course, we are naturally very pleased to receive this award and we bow down and thank

Nothin plaque is a regional award and is awarded once each year starting in 1984, when Bruno Mathsson was the first one to get the award. All winners are presented on http://forumfinnveden.se/nothinpristagare/ and there is also more information about the award and its history.
The prize is awarded annually by the Foundation Forum Finnveden and GARO´s owners Stefan Jonsson, Lasse Svensson and Jersy Pettersson received the award during the Business Day on the Ark in Värnamo.
We are all, of course delighted by this award and proud to be a part of this.
Learn about Business Day and award ceremony in the press:
Photo: foretagsam.nu