KNX Award 2014 includes even GARO

Our supplier David Jonsson has been awarded the KNX Award 2014 for his installation on GARO

"This project is a very good representative of the KNX technology with an innovative client that lives what it preaches, a consultant / programmer as well as an installer with high skills and understanding set in function and focus on simplicity"

When we renovated the entire office area for a couple of years ago David Electrics installed a KNX system to increase energy efficiency and operational safety of the property.
There is a fully integrated lighting solution with motion detection and constant lighting control, climate control and ventilation etc.
Congratulations to David!
KNX Award is awarded by the KNX Sweden - an interest group. Learn more about KNX Sweden >>
Photo: Quality - and Environmental Manager Magnus Arvidsson and David Jonsson, David Electrics AB