GARO's first Quick Charger installed

At the end of August GARO's first quick charger was installed outside the company in Gnosjö.

The quick charger is a GQC50 type charging station, which charges both cars with the Japanese standard CHAdeMO and the European CCS.    The charging station is not equipped with charging for 22 kW. A GARO LS3 charging pole will also be installed next to the station to offer this type of charging.

The newly installed charging station in Gnosjö is still the only one of its kind in the area. The nearest quick charging station can be found in Jönköping.

In addition, there is already a quick charger from GARO in Ronneby and soon also in Karlshamn. Three chargers will be installed in Tanum's new shopping centre and in the autumn quick charging will also be possible in Skövde.