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  1. 3/7/2016

    GARO på börsen

    GARO owners and board of directors have decided to implement a diversification of ownership and listing of its shares on the Nasdaq Stockholm.

  2. 12/29/2015

    New roles

    From 1st of January, there will be changes in business area EV System

    Ingvar Grundborg will be new Business Development Manager

  3. 12/1/2015

    Karolina Skeppner

    A few weeks ago Karolina Skeppner started with us - awaited employees at the purchasing department.

  4. 11/22/2015


    A fresh new parking garage blasted into the rock with plenty of charging poles

  5. 11/20/2015


    Of course, we are naturally very pleased to receive this award and we bow down and thank

  6. 9/30/2015

    Chargers at McDonalds

    Now you have the opportunity to charge fast in Linköping while shopping or get a hamburger

  7. 8/18/2015

    World Triathlon Stockholm

    Along with Onninen we deliver all new products in temporary electricity and the extension cable to the big race

  8. 5/27/2015

    Royal visit

    Happily, we were one of the companies HM Carl XVI Gustaf wanted to visit during his one-day visit to Jönköping.

  9. 4/3/2015

    Classic design

    Our classic P100 is a few years old, but as you can see for yourself it could be very exciting when innovation is the rule

  10. 2/2/2015

    Welcome Per Lorentzon

    Per Lorentzon introduced himself the 7th of January 2015. He strengthens our business GARO System

  11. 11/17/2014

    KNX Award 2014

    Our supplier David Jonsson has been awarded the KNX Award 2014 for his installation on GARO

  12. 10/29/2014

    Sunny Autumn

    ...which made some odd elements snooped around outside GARO

  13. 9/22/2014

    Electric Car Rally

    Sweden and Denmark's largest electric car rally was held over the past weekend. This year there was a record number of participants and GARO charged all 64 electric cars!

  14. 9/9/2014

    Detached, safe and approved

    The ground meter cabinet is positioned in the ground within the plot and works all the way from construction to finished home.

    Manufactured, tested and approved according to the Swedish Standard SS 430 01 10, edition 9.

  15. 9/5/2014

    Our golf competition decided

    Our annual golf tournament took place in copious sunshine and the day was at times pure enjoyment and at other times pure grief.

  16. 8/29/2014

    Supplier Day

    August 28 was Supplier day at GARO. Happily, all invited companies were represented.

  17. 8/12/2014

    GAROs electrical vehicle park

    As we receive more sales and increased demand for both electricity poles and technology development, we focus on another electric car of the latest model.

  18. 2/17/2014

    Green Highway

    We deliver charging stations to Green Highway in Västernorrland and Jämtland