Simplicity, not complicating things unnecessarily.
We strive for common sense and the willingness to move ahead.
Perhaps we are coloured by our Småland background or quite simply our history which we still carry with us.
It all started back in 1939.

"We strive for common sense and the willingness to move ahead"

Three people, three strong wills, plenty of ideas and one outhouse.

We were born under humble circumstances, but with a force we still retain today (we have also coined our own expression, a force for new ideas).

We expanded our outhouse relatively quickly and by 1941 GÅRÖ Elektriska was registered as a limited company.

But despite this, the three founders kept their “normal jobs”. The aim was to create a secure and stable company.

Not least for all employees.

Despite Småland thrift, there are actually two things we have never changed throughout the years.

The most important is caring for our employees.

The second is the resources we place in “moving ahead”. Developing ourselves and our products.

For us these things go together, without people who feel happy and want to move ahead, we will not achieve any new and exciting products either. Fairly simple and obvious, don’t you agree?

In the years that followed, we grew even more and gradually the founders left their second jobs.

A solid stream of new products saw the light of day. At the beginning of our history we were mainly focused on making successful products better and cheaper, but we then increasingly started veering towards creating completely new and innovative products.

In the 1950s the most predominant products were meter cabinets and products enclosed in aluminium.

In the 1970s connectors were added. These paved the way for our exports. At the start of the 1980s we started our own companies in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Norway.

During the 1980s and 1990s GARO expanded considerably. We rebuilt and expanded in Gnosjö where it all started. We also established ourselves physically in Stockholm.

The pace was fast and a lot happened during both the 1990s and the 2000s. Just listen;

In 1994 GÅRÖ became GARO (we dropped the accents with our export markets in mind).

In 1997 we established ourselves in Poland.

In 2004 we started on a modest scale what today is called GARO Montage. It quickly grew into a flourishing business area.

In 2007 we started up manufacturing GARO Elflex. In 2008 we set up a subsidiary in Finland.

In 2009 we acquired the construction lighting area from Hflex in Hova. A year later we bought Nordic Electro and at the same time we became even stronger within charging stations.

The last few years have been equally as intense. We are still just as excited about the future. Filled with the same irrepressible force as our three founders were nearly seventy five years ago. We still retain the simple and down to earth approach;

Not complicating things unnecessarily.